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Planning Your Wedding - Part 2 The Bridal Party

Planning Your Wedding - Part 2
The Bridal Party

Your bridal party are the ones who will be the biggest help and support to you on your wedding day, it is so important that you get this right.    When trying to decide it can bring up all sorts of issues and pressure from the family, and before you know it there can be tension generated.     

First and foremost, This is YOUR wedding!     Couples can get tangled up in the thinking that they have to have their 2nd cousin etc as a bridesmaid, usher etc.    No you don't!  You can have whoever you want, and it really shouldn't be up for discussion with anyone else.  

Brides attendants

Your Maid of Honour/Chief Bridesmaid is one of the people that you will rely on most.  So its is vitally important that you choose wisely,  this person will most likely be the one who you will laugh, cry and rant with during your planning process, they will be honest but never condescending when you ask for advice and will listen when you are just talking weddings!     Whoever in your mind fits that description is the person you should choose.   

Your Best Maid really has a joint role with your Maid of Honour doing all of the above and should have similar qualities, this person will also be responsible for the younger attendants on the day up until the end of the ceremony, but they will also be looking after you.  

If you are having more bridesmaids/flower girls have who you want to have, you don't have to have your nieces or cousins, this is your wedding you can have all your best friends if that's what you want.   

Whoever you choose, someone, somewhere is going to feel put out.   You have to be clear right from the outset that whatever decisions you make in the process of planning your wedding, they are Your decisions and they should be respected.   It's all to easy to lose sight of what your wedding is all about while others wound up.  

Grooms Attendants
The Best Man!   This is the grooms choice, it can also be a difficult one.  The Best Man is responsible for ensuring that the Groom gets dressed, and turns up on time and also have the responsibility of looking after the rings until they are safely deposited on your fingers.!  Some grooms will choose their best friend or brother and what if the bride to be doesn't like that person, well that's where compromise comes in.  That person is important to the Groom, it is his wedding too, so why shouldn't he have the person he chooses.


These again are the Grooms choice, he might just want all his best friends to be at his side, or if he has brothers he might want them, he can give them jobs to do on the day so that they feel included and valued in being chosen to stand by his side on what will be one of the most special days in his life.

How to get the best out of your Bridal Party
Now you have selected everyone, what does that mean for you and for them.  For you its the people who are going to be with you every step of the way, until you say I Do.   For them its special, and they will want to do what they can to help.   Have everyone involved so that they feel included in the planning process.  Delegating some tasks, giving your party roles on the day itself can make your planning so much easier.  

For example you could ask the most confident of the Groomsmen if they will be MC for the day.  That would be ushering guests into the ceremony venue before the bride arrives, announcing the speeches, just being the voice of the day.  Make sure you give plenty of notice that this will be his job, not 2 days before the wedding!

You could assign the role of the younger members to hand out Orders of Service as guests arrive, or at the wedding breakfast instead of having favours on the tables, have the youngsters pass them out personally.  They will be wearing their lovely outfits, why not let them show it off.

You could ask if they would like to do a reading at your wedding ceremony? this can add that extra special touch to their role.  

This is your Wedding Day, the day that you make your promises to each other and share the love that you have for each other with your friends and family, making it a day to remember. 

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