Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Not to be missed - Planning your Wedding - step by step!!!

Congratulations, you have had the romantic proposal (hopefully! ) you have a gorgeous ring on your finger, all your friends and family are so excited for you and you feel on top of the world.   So what's next?

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It's time to start putting the wheels in motion to plan your wedding, one of the biggest days in your life, when you are making promises to each other and starting out on your new life together as husband and wife.   But where do you start!   There are tons of websites out there that will give you ideas and tips, but that can seem so overwhelming.    Over the coming weeks I will be covering the main tasks for your wedding planning step by step.  Of course it does help to have a wedding planner/coordinator, but remember if you are set on doing it all yourself, most planners will give you the initial consultation free of charge,  at least you can bounce some of your ideas off them or even gain a few of your own for your forthcoming plans.  Even if you don't take up their services at the end of the day, the meeting can be a very useful exercise.   But also remember they can be a really valuable source for suppliers,  that not only go the extra mile, but are reliable too.

Over the next few weeks, I will be covering everything from the process of how to set the date  - you may think that's the easy bit... it's not and can be the most time consuming part of all your planning, finding the right venue for you, catering, flowers, dresses, cars etc.  and how to bring them all together so that your day goes off without a hitch.

Make sure you don't miss the first instalment this Friday 16th March 2012

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