Sunday, 11 March 2012

It's my Wedding Day....what could go wrong?

I don't think I have met a bride yet (including myself on my own wedding day) when I was paranoid that something was going to go wrong.   Of all the days this is one where you want it to be perfect.    But such is life, mishaps DO happen, its how you deal with them that's important.

So what could go wrong on your special day?

1. You are up bright and early, feeling excited as well as a little nervous, this is perfectly natural, but what you need to do is EAT and DRINK (not alcohol!!)   Have a proper breakfast as this will set up you up for the long day ahead, what will happen if you don' are likely to Faint or feel Dizzy especially when saying your vows.

2. Your flowers arrive and they aren't what you ordered, first don't panic, get onto the florist right away and Delegate someone or let your wedding coordinator go along and get the correct flowers from the florist, don't wait for them to be redelivered.  When you order your flowers take a photo of them so you can have a record of what it is you wanted them to look like and in the case of a slip up, the florist can make amends right way.

3.  To avoid any unsightly stains on your dress from spray tans etc, get your tan done 2 - 3 days before the wedding, this will allow any excesses to be showered off properly before the big day, but should you get a bit of staining on your dress as you are putting it on or before you leave use stain removal wipes or unscented gentle baby wipes and DAB don't wipe.    Something that happened to me at my own wedding, red wine got spilt down the front of my dress, don't panic just get yourself immediately to the ladies room and run the offending stain under cold water, then dab it dry.  

4.  Some guests don't turn up or others who didn't RSVP turn up, venues are accustomed to that, if you have a wedding coordinator they will just fix the problem, rearrange the table settings to accommodate, you won't even know anything about it.  If you don't have a coordinator make sure that your MOH is aware of your table plans and she will be able to sort out the problem for you.  It's not a big a deal as you might think it is, this kind of thing happens all the time.

5.  The car breaks down on its way to pick you up or on the way to your wedding, panic starts to set in, don't  worry it's a little glitch, the car company should be able to replace the car, if not the worst case scenario, call a taxi!  just make sure that someone calls ahead to the venue to let them know that you are running a little late and the reason why. 

6.  A brides worst nightmare tripping as she goes up the aisle!  Don't get upset, make light of it and make a joke of it, it will break the ice and your guests will forget it happened.
7.  The caters have got your menu selection wrong.  Okay this might seem the end of the world, but is it really?  It will be too late to do anything else about it at this point, so you may just have to go with what they have, as long as the dietary requirements of your guests are met.   Get your wedding coordinator or MOH to speak to the caterers discretely and calmly, let them know that its wrong and that compensation or reduction in the bill is required.   This is something that can be dealt with at a later date.

8.  The band doesn't turn up!   Most venues will have an "emergency" back up most likely in the form of a DJ, but its better than nothing,  you are unlikely to find a replacement band who can turn up at very short notice but a DJ can.   Go with the flow and worry about it later.

9.   Someone stands on your dress and rips it!!!   That can be an awful moment for any bride.  Make sure that you have your emergency wedding day kit with you (your wedding coordinator will have one) and have someone put in some emergency stitches, along with a few strategically placed safety pins.  It will get you through the rest of the day, without worry.
10.  To help avoid all of the above,  the week before the wedding contact ALL your suppliers to make sure that what you have ordered is correct and what time things will be delivered and write it all down and who you spoke to and when.   If you have a wedding coordinator they will make sure all this is done for you and will liaise with the suppliers on your behalf to make sure that it all goes to plan.

The most important thing to remember is you are getting married and what that stands for, all the other logistics are just a part of the celebrations.  You are still going to be married after your wedding day and starting your new life together, that's what is really important.

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