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Tefal Kitchen Machine and Jamie Oliver Bakeware Product Review

How excited was I to be able to try out the Tefal Kitchen Machine and Jamie Oliver Bakeware for Cupcakes,  here is the press release and our review is at the foot of the page

The trend for cupcakes is ever-present at weddings up and down the country, with brides opting for this individual, quirky approach over a more traditional three tier confection.

There are a lot of advantages to a cupcake wedding, these smaller cakes can be individually coloured to the theme of the wedding, are easier to distribute without the venue having to cut them up and, crucially, they can be made at home for a valuable saving on your wedding costs.

There’s been an increase in cupcake bars at receptions, so all the blushing bride needs to do is provide un-iced cupcakes, and a variety of frostings and toppings so guests can create their own delicious memento of the happy occasion

There’s no question it’s easier to bake a lovely batch of cupcakes than a three-tier royal icing creation but it can be tricky to produce a moist, spongy, deliciously-light cupcake. It's quite simple really - the secret to baking the perfect batch is getting enough air into the mixture to begin with

The Tefal Kitchen Machine (£199, uses a planetary movement system to reach the whole mixture, gathering all the ingredients and adding air into your mixture, creating cupcakes that rise beautifully and are so mouth-wateringly light, you'll be able to eat two! 

There's no point whipping up the perfect mixture if it's not going to cook evenly. We've all made a dozen cupcakes before where 6 happily rise and the rest seem utterly reluctant. Achieving that elusive even finish is heavily dependent on even heat distribution. Hot spots can cause some parts of a cupcake to rise faster than others, not to mention leave the bottoms burnt in some places and undercooked in others. The 12 muffin tray from the Jamie Oliver range of bakeware from Tefal (£13, is made from tough carbon steel which eliminates hotspots and ensures you turn out perfect cupcakes every time.

Try some of these great suggestions for jazzing up you cupcakes:

Classic Vanilla
For just the right amount of creamy sweetness add a teaspoon of vanilla extract, or fresh vanilla straight from the pod to your cupcake mix, and top with fresh buttercream

Mocha Cupcakes
The grown up’s cupcake – mix in half a cup of coffee and a generous helping of cocoa powder for a delicious mocha flavour. For the real coffee lover try whipping up a decadant espresso icing to go on top

Earl Grey cupcakes with a hint of lemon
Just two tablespoons of earl grey tea with add a delicate flavour to your cupcakes, for an authentic earl grey taste top with buttercream infused with a hint of lemon juice

Double chocolate
The addition of melted dark chocolate and cocoa powder to the initial cake mix, and melted chocolate to a buttercream topping, makes for the ultimate indulgent treat

Beauty Weddings Review

Firstly I am going to review the Tefal Kitchen Machine.     I am the first to admit that I am not the keenest baker in the world, in the past when I tried to bake a cake it would sink in the middle, was unevenly cooked or was just like a brick!  I'm sure that many of you have been in the same boat at one time or another.   This machine is brilliant, not only does it look good and would take pride of place in your kitchen, but it also makes baking fun and more importantly in my case ..easy!    So I decided to make some cupcakes. Assembling the mixer was straightforward and the instructions clear.   Mixing the ingredients was easy to do and the splash guard stops the splatter mess.   The mixture came out exactly as promised.   Taking it apart to clean was also easy to do and I was cleaned up in no time at all.   I couldn't actually find fault with this machine, so if you are looking for a new kitchen machine, this Tefal model for me is definitely the way to go.  

Our Rating

Jamie Oliver Bakeware  As I said before baking isn't really my "thing", however, my faith in my ability has been restored.   I have cooked several batches of cupcakes with this tray and it really does work fantastically, that I have went out and bought one for myself.   I must have made about 10 batches of cupcakes over the past few weeks and each time they turned out perfectly, the tray is so easy to clean and it still looks brand new.  So if you are planning on making your own cupcakes for your wedding cake, this is a must buy.  Great value for money and perfect cupcakes every time, what more could you ask for!

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