Friday, 27 May 2011

Prom Princess

Now for something a little different this week!   I have been speaking with Claire Ogden from Claire Ogden Designs and she has shown me some spectacular work this week that I am so excited to share with you.

This is what Claire had to say:

I am Claire Ogden, a Jewellery Designer based in the quaint hills of Saddleworth, in the UK, I create exquisite pieces that are individual and unique in their own right! My work stands out from the rest.

Wedding Jewellery and bespoke design are the aspects I really LOVE! I relish in the fact that my bridal jewellery is so very unique and the finishing touch to the very perfect day! I enjoy working together with my clients and giving them what they are expecting and much more.

All of my products have been created to infuse each piece with a sense of individuality, boldness and an impression made to last. ‘Once seen never forgotten’ philosophy!

I love to make a difference and create jewellery that shines through and gets noticed but designing each piece to last the decades and be wearable for a lifetime. All of my jewellery, wedding jewellery and hair accessories are made using the highest quality materials, I carefully handpick very small quantities to ensure you an exclusive design with limited materials made individually just for you.

Every girls dream is to be the Belle of the ball and be swept of her feet by prince charming right? Well Bethany Siddall had her dream come true when I made her a special unique prom headband to complete her new found look….
Capturing all aspects of the outfit in my piece was quite a complex thing to do and ensuring it all worked together was quite a challenge, have no fear ladies I met my challenge and made a truly terrific piece!

This little show stopping piece was designed to catch the admiring glances of passers buy and cause a bit of a stir, leaving the wearer beaming with confidence, shining like a star and heart beating all of a flutter, I wanted dramatic meets elegant flair with an original
funky’ look…..did I succeed? Your comments please…..

You see when I hatch a plan I make sure everything is covered, this piece had to be fabulous, there was no if’s and buts it just HAD to be divine. The prom dress itself was a gorgeous little number from Monsoon sporting bright colours and a powerful floral theme, I planned to enhance the best features of the frock and match the headband not only with a colour of the dress but tie in the gorgeous colours within the makeup palette, jewellery and shoes.

The best bit was still to come, we had such an amazing time creating the desired look, we made a complete afternoon of it, now ladies don’t we love to be made up, the whole process is so relaxing with the finished effect always being fantastic and we often wonder why we can’t create that look ourselves? I had a really good time creating a gorgeous face and twisting those luscious locks into spirals for a dramatic sexy soft curl up do!! Oooh all those pins....

So the next time you fancy something that little bit special ladies, why not divulged yourself in a personnel bespoke service, (I offer an amazing one), created all around you and make yourselves feel as extra special as Bethany did on the way to her prom, looking like that I am sure Prince Charming will be first in line to sweep her high off her feet, do you?

I think you will agree that these pieces are outstanding, you can visit Claire at her website and via her online shop

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Anonymous said...

Thanks to the amazing fiona for featuring me. I hope you are lovin this post and I just can't wait to show Beth! Leave me your lovely comments please!

Ps. That was only the trial, I am doing it all again this afternoon for tonight, I am so excited!