Friday, 4 November 2011

Hen Party Heroics!!!

Well ladies do I have a treat for you this week.    Every bride wants her Hen Party to be a memorable experience, and not all brides want to be dressed up with veils and L plates! 

For something completely different and guaranteed to be a whole lot of fun why not go Tank Driving....yes you did read that right I said Tank Driving! 

 Tank Driving Scotland was launched by Perthshire businessman Rod Sim in 2008. Since then more than 3000 new recruits have visited the site near Dundee.

TANK DRIVING SCOTLAND is bang on target when it comes to once-in-a-lifetime experiences for brides-to-be and their friends.

Some of the comments left for the team at Tank Driving Scotland are: 

"My fiancé will be so jealous when I tell him about this... "
"Best day, ever... "
"Anything the boys can do we can do better... "

Ride in a tank as it crashes over muddy battlefields or command your own battalion and drive your own military vehicle while leading your troops under fire. Start married life they way you mean to continue, get in the driving seat and take charge!

TDS instructor Ben Johnson said, "The girls love it. They come off the tanks grinning from ear to ear, desperate to do it all over again.

"In fact, they probably enjoy it even more than the boys, if that is possible."

With prices starting at £59 a TANK DRIVING SCOTLAND day out is the perfect hen party to remember.

How to contact Tank Driving Scotland:
Phone: 01250 873808


London Butlers said...

Does it really necessary for us to have a hens party before getting married? I think it's fun, hope I could experience it too. :-)

Beauty Weddings said...

No not at all, you can go an enjoy these events even if you are not getting married, give them a call and go an enjoy the fun :D

Gobananas said...

You guys will love this for sure. Get soaked to the world of entertainment.