Monday, 2 March 2015

New Year a New Wedding

As you know I gave up my wedding planning business in 2013 due to personal reasons that were outwith my control.

However, a few weeks ago, I was contacted by a Friend of a Friend, who had heard all about me and she wanted me to coordinate her wedding in July this year.

After chatting away to her, I realised that I actually missed it so after a bit, I have agreed to work with her on her wedding planning and coordination.

Am I bet I am!    The theme for this wedding is vintage chique, lots of beautiful flowers, china and fairy lights, but no bling in sight! I am seriously excited about the prospect of this.

Over the coming weeks I will share (with the brides permission of course) some of the ideas and images that we will be working with, to help give you the ideas and inspiration for your own wedding.

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Looking forward to sending you updates as the wedding draws closer.


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zerry ht said...

That’s a good news. I know sometimes you really feel to shut everything down in order to get back to normalcy. Even we had a pretty good organizes whom everyone sought for their Las Vegas Weddings but all of sudden, we got to know they stopped it all-together.