Thursday, 24 January 2013

Weddings In Las Vegas

Our guest blogger today is Claire, who plans weddings in Las Vegas (  She often hears from couples who know they want the glamour and glitz of a Vegas wedding, not to mention the guaranteed sunshine, but they find that they are overwhelmed with the choices of wedding location in the city.

Las Vegas is the wedding capital of the USA, if not the world.  The state of Nevada issues an average of 120,000 marriage licenses each year, so it is not surprising that there are so many wedding options to choose from!

Almost every hotel and casino on the Strip in Las Vegas has a wedding chapel inside it, quite a lot of them have pretty pagoda-style areas in their gardens for weddings, too.  If you have guests accompanying you for your wedding, often the hotels will offer a wedding package that includes all the rooms that you need, often with a suite for the bride and groom.  Having everyone stay in the same hotel will be handy if the groom needs to sleep in a different room from the bride the night before the wedding.

Many people come to Las Vegas with the idea of a classic old-school Downtown wedding chapel in mind.  There are lots to choose from, and some are nicer than others.  These chapels are where couples can explore the true diversity of Las Vegas weddings.  You can have as much romance, as much glitz and as much fun as you like, and many of these smaller chapels can give you a completely personalised ceremony if you are creative enough.  Everyone knows about the possibility of having as Elvis impersonator perform the ceremony, but there are lots of other impersonators in Las Vegas, and many of them are licensed to perform wedding ceremonies, and they can serenade you with your favourite singer's songs during the ceremony.  The smaller chapels can be set up to your taste and in some cases, decorated just as you wish, although it is likely that there will be a charge for this.  Of course, if you are in a rush, there is always the option of the drive-through wedding!

Las Vegas is in the heart of the Nevada desert, and less than an hour's drive away is some of the most breathtaking scenery you will see this close to such a metropolis.  Weddings can be performed in Red Rock Canyon and the Valley of Fire, two outstanding areas of beauty near to Las Vegas.  If you like the idea of getting married outdoors in the desert, choose the time of year carefully.  July and August will be uncomfortably hot in the middle of the day, but almost any other time of year a wedding in these areas would be spectacular. 

There are some lovely parks and preserve areas in and around Las Vegas where couples can get married.  There are some parks close to natural springs and lakes, so are the sort of green and lush areas that you would never expect to see in the middle of the desert!  Many of these places were ranches many years ago, so are set up to take groups of people – ideal for a wedding.  Afterwards, couples can return from making their union with nature as a beautiful backdrop, to party in the fabulous city of Las Vegas.

Contact Claire for more information on Las Vegas wedding location suggestions at or visit her website for more Las Vegas wedding ( tips.

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