Sunday, 8 January 2012

Beauty Weddings 2012

WoW!  What a fantastic start to the year for Beauty Weddings.   I think this Christmas and New Year has been the most romantic with so many proposals of marriage.    We have had alot of enquires and many initial consultations booked into the diary, so am very excited about the year ahead.    I feel that changing the range of services we offer has made a massive difference to how couples are responding to us, and of course much of the enquires have been because of word of mouth referrals (massive thank you to my previous clients and families for singing our praises)

The words "Wedding Planner" still instills that fear and doubt in couples and their families that its about having your wedding taken over and to be honest the recent programmes on television really aren't helping that image either.  (I won't name them but am sure you know the ones I mean!), and to anyone who is in this industry it really is cringe worthy and makes our job much much harder, especially when we spend so much time and energy dispelling those myths that we come in and take over, its simply not true!    A wedding planner helps you with your planning not take over, we help you with your decision making, we help by giving you choices that you might never have thought of yourself, we help with ideas and inspiration, we never take the decisions out of your hands and you always have the last say in all your plans.

At Beauty Weddings we offering a range of services that are available to view on our website  which will cater to the needs of any couple who are in the planning process, our initial consultations are always free and we will come along and spend a couple of hours with you talking about your wedding and see where we can fit in to help make your day the way you want it.  Planning a wedding can seem on the face of it as fairly straight forward, until you start to dig a little deeper and realise that there is a huge amount to organise and coordinate to make sure that it all comes together on the day.  There are so many elements to a wedding it can seem very daunting even to the most organised person.

Have a look at our website, read our testimonials and give us a call or drop us an email and we can see how we can help.

We look forward to hearing from you! 


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