Sunday, 26 June 2011

How Beauty Weddings was born

How many of us actually write a blog of what inspired us to start up our own business?  Well the first wedding I ever planned was my own.

Back in 2005 my now husband proposed to me on the Bonny Banks of Loch Lomond, with a very romantic backdrop he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  That was on 31st March 2005.  We had talked about getting married in Tobago, in July 2007.  

Then a few months later he asked if I wanted to bring the wedding forward a year and I agreed.  So the idea of Tobago went out of the window and I started planning my own wedding.   We decided that it would be fitting to get married in the Loch Lomond area as it was both romantic and beautiful.  I absolutely revelled in the whole planning process and realised that I was really good at it.

The Wedding was booked for 30th September 2006 and the very beautiful Winnock Hotel in Drymen.  My florist was recommended to me by a colleague and Mel from Ribbons n Roses was just amazing, she knew exactly what I wanted and suggested the table centrepieces, supplied by chair covers, did my make up and set up  my venue.  Now she is one of my preferred suppliers when I am planning other couples weddings.  She can be trusted and relied upon to do the job, do it right and not break the bank.  

I found during the whole planning process how important it was to be assertive enough to let everyone know that this was MY wedding and I wanted it done MY way.   Because I did this everyone was really supportive and offered suggestions but never tried to take over.  Don't get me wrong I didn't turn into Bridezilla either.  If someone came up with a good idea or gave me a suggestion on how to do something a little differently I would take that on board and act upon it .  I involved everyone in my bridal party as much as I could.  A few examples are:  my wonderful father in law did a reading at my wedding, my best maid Bev was just amazing and did whatever I needed her to do, my daughter was a bridesmaid and I let her choose her own dress, my son who was very young was a groomsman and had the job of making sure everyone had an order of service on the day. 

The day of the wedding was fantastic, the week prior it had rained all week but on the day the sun shone.  We were up early and headed off to the hairdressers Belle & Blackley and with Bucks Fizz on the go our hair was done and by 11am we were heading home, via Arko to pick up 5 pairs of white wellies!  Yes white wellies... we were having our photo's taken at Buchanan Castle and to save our shoes from sinking into the damp grass we opted for wellies!   Mel arrived around 1pm with the flowers which were just stunning, did my make up and helped to decorate the wellies! 2pm and it was time to get ready, the Limo arrived from Platinum Limos, a gorgeous silver Limo to take us all up to the Winnock Hotel.
The White Wellies! 
It was around a 45 minute drive to the venue and on the way I suddenly needed to go to the loo, much to the amusement of our Limo Driver.  He pulled into the Craineach Milk Bar, where me and my best maid and sister jumped out and into the toilets.  When we emerged we were greeted with a round of applause from the delighted and amused of the patrons and staff of the milk bar, I suppose its not every day that a limousine and bridal party stops to go to the loo.


From that moment on our wedding day was just amazing, all the hard work and effort from me and everyone else just came together and we had the most amazing day from start to finish

It was after the wedding and honeymoon which was at The Cove in Kenya that I decided that this was definitely the right job that I wanted.  I went on to plan some friends weddings and this just confirmed that I was on the right road, from there Beauty Weddings was born.   My daughter who is almost 17 now works with me on a part time basis and helps with the venue decoration adding her artistic touch and keen eye for detail and learning the business as she goes along. We make a great team.  

I hope you have enjoyed reading how Beauty Weddings was born and enjoy the images of our special day.  

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sarah said...

What a lovely story, so nice to hear all about your wedding day and such beautiful pics, Sarah x

Kieran said...

Yes a lovely story and I was there!