Friday, 25 March 2011

A Day in the Life of a Wedding Planner

Previously we have been posting news on our website, but now it seems to make more sense to have a Blog and this is our first one! 

I mused upon a few options for my opening blog and after much deliberation I decided to write about A Day in the Life of a Wedding Planner.  

The Wedding Day of Susan and Adam 
March 19th 2011

6.00am  Up early, showered and dressed.

6.30am  Grab a bit of breakfast its going to be a long day.

7.00am  Double check the list to make sure that I have everything that I am going to need for the day ahead.

7.30am  Set off to check in with the Groom and collect the brides contact lenses. (she forgot to take them with her the night before!! )  

8.15am  Arrive at the Grooms home, meet the sleepy groom,  collect the contact lenses and set off on the 40 mile journey to the venue

9.00am  Arrive at The Vu, meet with venue staff and management to let them know my routine for the day and what I need from them.

9.15am  Unload the car ready to get the venue decorated.

9.30am  Speak with the bride to wish her a happy wedding day and see if she needs anything, she is excited and everything is taken care of, told her to relax and enjoy her morning of pampering and I will see her later.

9.45am  Mel from Ribbons n Roses arrives with the table centrepieces and a few other bits and pieces we needed for the day.

10am    Start the set up of the venue for the wedding breakfast.   The ceremony is taking place in an adjacent building and doesn't need any decor.  (phew! ) 

11.30am  Cake arrives and the wonderful Rainbow Sugarcraft in Traquair that made this gorgeous creation.

11.55am  Mel goes off to deliver the brides bouquets and bridesmaids flowers at the hotel.

12.30pm Stop for 5 mins to grab a coffee.

12.35pm Back to it, tables are almost done, its looking great time to start making the finishing touches and making sure everything is perfect.

1.30pm  Almost done and we can relax for a little bit before the Groom and guests start to arrive, grab a quick bite to to keep the energy levels up! 

2.15pm  Guests start to arrive, we make sure that they understand the table plan and know where their tables are going to be, tiny hiccup, it appears that there are 2 guests that didn't RSVP that weren't on the seating plan!   Not to worry we will make sure that this gets rectified when the guests go over to the other suite for the ceremony.  I discretely let the staff know that we need 2 more place settings.  

2.45pm  The Groom getting nervous now, I make sure that he is calm and encourage him to mingle with his guests as I know this will give him a welcome distraction.

3.15pm The Groom and guests depart for the ceremony, we jump back into action making sure that the missing 2 guests have their seats at the table and adjust the table settings accordingly.

3.30pm  Bride arrives, looking absolutely stunning, she is having photos taken before walking up the aisle with the wonderful photographer Karl Double who instantly puts the bride at ease.

4.00pm  They are married.  Meet Mr & Mrs Carey.

4.10pm I am getting nervous now as the bride has no idea what the venue is going to look like, she gave me her theme and colours and let me go with it, hope she likes it! 

4.15pm  Bride and Groom arrive in the suite that the wedding breakfast is taking place, bride takes a look around... she loves it!!! 

4.30pm  We depart while the wedding breakfast takes place, get changed, grab some food and be back in time for the reception.

7.00pm  Arrive back at the venue to enjoy the party all the while being on hand for anything that the happy couple needs.  

7.30pm  The Scottish Ceilidh Band arrive and set up to begin the evening entertainment.

7.45pm  The Bride and Groom have their first dance, carefully choreographed, they look absolutely stunning.

8.00pm  This is followed by the wedding party joining them on the dance floor and the party begins!

9.25pm  The cake is brought to the centre of the room for the bride and groom to cut it, scary moment, children were playing and bumped into the table, the cake wobbled but thankfully it didn't fall, there were a few hearts in mouths for a few seconds.

9.30pm  The cake is cut and many photographs taken to capture this tender moment.

9.45pm  The buffet is served, the bride takes me aside and explains that she doesn't want to throw her own bouquet so I decide to make one up for her, the staff clear the tables for the evening disco.   I gather up the flowers from the centrepieces, and I make an alternative bouquet for the bride to throw to all the single ladies in the room.  The rest of the flowers the bride is going to donate to a local hospice.


10.00pm  Time to throw the bouquet.

11.00pm  My work is done,  the car is loaded up with all the accessories that I used,  the wedding was a fantastic, its been a busy day and it's time to head home.

A very warm congratulations to Mr & Mrs Carey       

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